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We specialize in premium pressure treated and composite decking materials such as Trex. We also clean and maintain existing decks and can repair or extend your deck for greater enjoyment. Adding a hot tub? We can advise how to add additional support to handle the weight.

We provide referrals from customers in your area. To read customer reviews and comments about our work, visit ratings and reports from

Unlike many contractors, we give you a written quote This means a solid figure that we commit to in the contract to finishing the work, not an estimate. We specify the work and put in the time to provide a detailed quote, including construction details, payment schedule, and visuals of the project.

Permits: We build all decks to town code and guarantee town inspector approvals.

Clean Up: We include daily cleanup of all scraps and excess materials.

Communication:  The job foreman will keep in contact with you daily regarding the progress of your job.





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